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MEMO / Mechanics, microstructure, oxidation, corrosion

Research activities of MEMO group aim at understanding and improving properties of materials for structural application. They address the study of mechanical behaviour and reactivity in various environments (gas and liquid). A special focus is put on the study of coupling between microstructure evolution, phase transformation, environmental effects and mechanical properties. Studies concern mainly metallic alloys and their protective coatings but also multimaterials, even ceramics. Though most of them are conducted toward industrial applications in collaboration with industrial partners, the level of understanding and the precision of modeling often require the use of model materials and the development of original experimental set-ups. A very large panel of microstructural characterisations is used, from optical microscopy up to large instruments such as synchrotron and neutron diffraction. This experimental approach is complemented by modeling and simulation either using commercial softwares or with in-house developed programs. Both experimental characterisation and numerical simulation scale from atoms (e.g. HRTEM or DFT) up to macroscopic lengths (Finite Elements).