NNCED / Nanocomposites, Nanomatériaux Carbonés : Élaboration, Densification

The NNCEd team pursues research and develops original approaches on the following main topics :

Theses works are supported by academic and industrial partnerships, for applications in the fields of Aeronautics and Space, Energy, Electronics, Health and Environment.

Research Nanocomposites and carbon nanotubes (NNCED)

Nanocomposites and carbon nanotubes (NNCED)

The NNC team carries out research into original approaches of the following topics:

  • Synthesis, functionalisation and applications of carbon nanotubes, toxicity and environmental impact
  • Development and characterisation of microstructured or architecture-controlled metal or ceramic-matrix nanocomposites (powders and dense materials).
  • Sintering technique using Spark Plasma Sintering.

These studies rely on industrial and academic partners for applications in aeronautics and space, energy, electronics, health and environment.