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MEMO Research topics

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The group’s strategy is to uphold the highest level of expertise regarding solidification, solid state phase transformations, plasticity and mechanical behavior, high temperature oxidation and protection, corrosion and stress corrosion cracking. This is achieved throughout shared projects combining any association between the four generic keywords: mechanics, microstructure, oxidation and corrosion. This strategy is based first and foremost on an experimental approach, but the use of modeling is frequent when it comes to atomic scale calculations (e.g. DFT), micrometric scale simulations (microstructure, diffusion) or larger scale calculations (multi-scale mechanics)

In addition to the local equipment (XPS, AES , XDR and HT-XDR, SEM-EDS, Raman spectroscopy, etc.) the MEMO team and the CIRIMAT also have access to the Raimond Castaing micro-characterisation research unit (FEG-SEM, FIB, microprobes, SIMS, TEM) and to the “nano-X” characterisation hub (nanomaterial characterisation with diffraction and X-ray diffusion, XRD). Both units make available, for research laboratories and industries, modern tools that are unique in the region. Recently, our team undertook two new research focuses: additive manufacturing and structural alloy reactivity under high temperatures and complex atmospheres.

The expertise of MEMO group includes any combination of the following keywords: