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Transverse axis Thermodynamics of Materials

Coordination : Ch. Drouet


CIRIMAT develops various types of materials and study their properties. Characterization shall include a thermodynamic component to better understand their stability and behavior. Various types of materials are considered, including:

- Ceramic systems: oxide/(hydroxy)sulfate/(hydroxy)phosphate/pyrophosphate, ... This includes various metastable crystalline phases.

- Polymer systems: dynamics of polymer glasses.

- Metallic systems: metal/alloy (Fe, Ti, Ni, Al ...) and corrosion products, especially at high temperatures,

- Polymer / metal interphases.

Experimental approaches are implemented, particularly using calorimetric methods (mixing calorimetry, drop calorimetry (in collaboration with UC Davis, USA), diathermal calorimetry, DSC). Theoretical / predictive approaches are also being developed (ab initio, predictive models for oxide systems, CALPHAD approach, ...). Various thermodynamic databases are used or supplemented by studies in CIRIMAT.

Some members of the Transverse Axis are directly involved in networks / scientific societies related to Thermodynamics of Materials (GdR TherMatHT, GdR Solidification, GdR ModMat, AFCAT, French Network of Theoretical Chemistry...).

At the start of the Transverse Axis (2016), various inter-team interaction projects are initiated/foreseen, either experimental or more theoretical ones, in order to further explore the thermodynamic properties of the materials investigated at CIRIMAT and to bbetter understand their behavior in conditions of use.