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Transverse Axis Graphene

Coordination : E. Flahaut


Skills involve the whole chain from the synthesis (CCVD, exfoliation) to the dispersion (into polymers, ionic liquids, water and other solvents) through the functionalization (reduction, grafting of organic molecules) and characterization thanks to the rich palette of tools available in-house and in platforms such as UMS Castaing UMS).

Ongoing activities at the start of the Axis (2016) essentially concern graphene and its derivatives (FLG, GO, rGO), but also, more broadly, other 2D materials:

- Potential impact of graphene and its derivatives (FLG, GO, rGO) on health and the environment, as part of Graphene Flagship project (E. Flahaut, NNC): FLG synthesis, controlled reduction of GO in rGO.

- Graphene for power electronics, NNC (E. Flahaut) and OVM (J.-Y. Chane-Ching).

- Graphene (rGO) for energy storage, especially the preparation of ionogels for ultracapacitors. Collaboration between RTS (P. Simon, P.-L. Taberna) and OVM (J.-Y. Chane-Ching).

- Graphene (rGO) for water photolysis using multilayer architectures based on TiO2, rGO and other 2D materials (chalcogenides) developed by exfoliation. Collaboration between OVM (J.-Y. Chane-Ching) and RTS (P. Simon, P.-L. Taberna).

- Graphene on steel: direct synthesis (CCVD) and dispersion in nanocomposite coatings for improving the tribological performance. This work is held within the joint laboratory CETIMAT and K. Hentour’s doctoral thesis. Collaboration between RTS (V. Turq) and NNC (Ch Laurent, A. Weibel).

- Graphene (FLG - commercial MLG) in polymer-matrix nanocomposites in order to modify their electrical properties (E. Dantras, PHYPOL).

- Graphene in cast irons with studies concerning the balance between flake (FLG) and nodular graphite (L. Laffont, MEMO).